Part of the standard testing we perform at Phosphor Technology includes analysis of our products. A custom designed dual-monochromator system allows us to measure emission and excitation characteristics of phosphor samples.

We also offer this as a service to our customers that have their own materials requiring analysis. Please contact us with your requirements.

Testing Procedure

Measurements take place in the range 200-1700nm for both excitation and emission so that the characteristics of up-converting materials can be measured as well. Measurements are usually performed at a resolution of 5nm for spectra made up of broad peaks and 1nm for narrow peak spectra (typically lanthanide activators).

As well as measurements of materials excited by the system itself it is also possible to measure the emission of materials excited by an external source. This is typically used for materials excited by a laser or in our demountable cathode ray unit.

Results are presented in the form of spectral graphs with colour co-ordinates if required. Multiple samples can be presented on the same graph for comparison purposes.

The intensity of the peaks are given in arbitrary units with the highest peak normalised to 100. We do not have the capability to apply an absolute value to the output though the system is calibrated so that the shape of the graph is correct.

An example of the spectra created is given below.

example graph showing excitation and emission spectra of a phosphor