The devices shown here are for use with the detection of phosphors that utilise infrared light. These phosphors are mentioned under IR/UV and some of them are listed under laser detection. These ‘invisible’ pigments are capable of converting infrared to visible, infrared to infrared or visible to infrared. With their availability, it is handy to have a device capable of easily and quickly detecting them.


980 nanometer infra-red laser pen

Applications where the quantity of material is very small require a more powerful IR emitter to generate enough visible light for the naked eye to see. For these situations, the PTL range of Infrared Laser Pens can provide the necessary power in a conveniently sized device.

Two AAA batteries power the laser diode generating a defocused infrared beam. A clear plastic shield allows the operator to place the pen against the material to be excited while still being able to view the results. A simple button operates the device, and a built in LED informs the user when the device is on.


InfraRead 701 handheld anti-counterfeiting detector

Some applications use phosphors that emit light in the infrared. These require electronic detection methods to sense their presence. For some of the more popular infrared-emitting phosphors, PTL supplies a range of handheld detectors. Each type of detector works with one type of phosphor.

Each detector requires two AAA batteries to operate. Built-in LEDs excite the phosphor while the detector checks for the resulting infrared emission. The detector signals the presence of the phosphor by an LED light and audible beep.