The devices shown here are for use with materials such as those listed under laser detection and mentioned under IR/UV. With the availability of ‘invisible’ pigments capable of converting infra-red to visible, infra-red to infra-red or visible to infra-red, it is handy to have a device capable of easily and quickly detecting them.

Infra-Red Laser Pens

980 nanometer infra-red laser pen

For those applications where the quantity of material is very small a more powerful IR emitter is required to generate enough visible light to be seen by eye. For these situations, the PTL range of Infra-Red Laser Pens can provide the necessary power in a conveniently sized device.

Two AAA batteries power the laser diode generating a defocused infra-red beam. A clear plastic shield allows the pen to be placed against the material to be excited while still being able to view the results. A simple button operates the device with a built in LED to inform the user when the device is on.

Hand-held Detectors

InfraRead 701 handheld anti-counterfeiting detector

A range of standard and customisable hand-held detectors for verifying the presence of specific phosphor materials.