At Phosphor Technology, we manufacture a wide variety of inorganic phosphor powders according to our customers’ needs. The range of phosphor powders we offer covers a number of different applications, allowing us to best meet our customers’ requirements. To enable our customers to more easily find the phosphor they need, we have divided up our list of standard products by application. Simply select your application from the products menu above.

As well as our standard list of phosphor products, we also manufacture custom phosphors. Customers often have specific requirements that we cannot meet with one of our existing products. In these cases, we will often be able to custom manufacture a phosphor that meets their requirements; whether those requirements are to match certain performance specifications or to create a material with a specific chemical formula. Please contact us with your requirements.

We supply our phosphors in powder form for our customers to incorporate into their medium of choice. These media including inks, screens and yarns. We do not manufacture phosphor screens or inks ourselves, but we will give advice on where they may be obtained.


We have over 40 years experience in the field of luminescence and are proud of our successful track record.


Phosphors for Cathode Ray Tubes, Field Emission Displays, Plasma Display Panels, X-ray Applications and many more.


As well as manufacturing a large number of products Phosphor Technology also offers a number of different services.


To continue supplying high quality phosphors to all our customers and partners and maintain our position as a leading provider of special phosphors worldwide.