We have developed many phosphors for use in security applications. They are customised solutions that are especially relevant to today’s advanced counterfeiting techniques. Do you require phosphors for such applications? If so, read on.

Laser detection phosphors

Laser detection phosphors are used to detect the presence of infrared light generated from a laser or laser diode. The energy is converted to visible light allowing for easy verification of the presence of the phosphor.

IR/UV phosphors

Inorganic phosphors can be used in printing inks or dispersed in plastics as a way of marking genuine articles. Consequently, this frustrates the activities of forgers and counterfeiters.

Detection devices

‘Invisible’ pigments are capable of converting infrared to visible, infrared to infrared or visible to infrared. Where the phosphor emission is in the infrared, it is handy to have a device capable of easily and quickly detecting that emission.